Sports Performance Center

Sports performance and injury prevention platforms using certified strength and conditioning specialists.


Connor Lyons CSCS, PES

Connor comes to Florida Hospital Center Ice after 9 years in the strength and conditioning industry. He is a Tampa native having graduated from Wharton High School before going off to play both junior and NCAA hockey. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he earned his B.S. in Athletic Training from the College of Medicine’s Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and a Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM. He has worked with many first round picks, all-stars, national and world champions as well as hundreds of professional athletes from the ATP, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

Connor got his start in the performance industry as an intern with the Athlete’s Compound located at Saddlebrook in Wesley Chapel back in 2008. After completing his internship he became a strength coach assistant at the University of South Florida working primarily with football during a time span where the Bulls won two bowl games (International, and Meineke Car Care Bowls). After leaving USF Connor went on to become the Director of NFL Combine Prep at Athletic Edge and helped place 22 college football players on active NFL rosters and coached two athletes to NFL Combine records in the L-Drill and vertical jump in 2012. During his tenure at Athletic Edge he was asked to come back to The Athletes Compound as the Associate Director of Performance and Director of Strength for Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. Connor spent three years at the Athletes Compound dealing primarily with MLB prospects, ATP professionals and youth development in the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. Connor then spent a brief period at The Performance Compound (now ASPI) as the Director of Combine Prep helping send over 20 football players to NFL teams. He works with the Special Olympics of Pasco County’s Powerlifting program and helped consult for the 2017 USA Hockey Southeast District Girls National Camp Tryouts held at Florida Hospital Center Ice. Connor was also a strength and conditioning coach for the 2018 US Women’s Olympic team’s preparation for Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

Connor is a firm believer in strength, positioning and patterning over all other aspects of training. He believes putting athletes in good positions and teaching them to both produce and accept force will create the best carryover to any and every sport while also helping decrease the likelihood of injuries.


Our mission in the performance department at Florida Hospital Center Ice is to increase performance through the teaching of proper movement patterns, proper loading and proper exercise selection for each and every athlete that walk through our doors. Education of the athlete is of the utmost importance to our staff because we want our athletes to not only be able to perform better, but to understand the why behind the physical preparation they’re going through. This education of the athlete will increase the likelihood that athletes will buy in and thus perform better and with fewer injuries throughout their seasons.