Figure Skating

Figure skaters will benefit from our U.S. Figure Skating Program ranging from Beginner to Elite classifications.

Figure Skating half day camp


The Florida Hospital Center Ice Figure Skating Half Day Camp is one of the best ways for figure skaters to learn and practice new skills in a fun and exciting environment.  Skaters will be challenged both on and off the ice in order to improve their overall skating ability.

Skaters will have 2 on-ice hours daily (including lessons and practice time) and will be split up to work on turns, jumps, spins, edges, and moves in the field.

Minimum Level: USFS Pre-Free Skate or ISI Freestyle 1

Registration fee for the 5-day camp is $195.00

Items to remember:  Figure skates (rental skates are NOT allowed), warm skating clothing, sloves, socks, etc., running shoes and athletic attire for off-ice activities, snacks if needed.

Camp runs Monday - Friday 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Camp Dates:

June 12 - 16        June 26 - 30     July 31 - August 4

Figure Skating

Whether you’re just learning or you’re an accomplished skater, you’ll benefit from our U.S. Figure Skating Program ranging from Beginner to Elite classifications. We offer clinics, camps, shows, competitions, training and Olympic athletic training and coaching. Our figure skating program will include on-ice and off-ice training in a state of the art facility. Programs will include: Elite Training Academy, Synchronized Clinics, Ice Shows, and Competitions under the direction of a professional coaching staff.

The intoxicating sound of the ice skating blade carving through the ice...the smell of a cold rink...losing yourself in the music...


From aspiring Olympians to those who practice this graceful art for the pure joy of it, Florida Hospital Center Ice is a great place to figure skate. We offer complete programs for beginners through advanced competitive levels. Click on the links below for more information:

  • GROUP Lessons (Learn to Skate USA)
  • Private Lessons - View Coaches' Bios HERE
  • Figure Skating Camp
  • Synchronized Skating Clinics
  • Freestyle Sessions - These sessions allow more serious figure skaters a chance to practice their individual programs to music and to elevate their skills with advanced moves such as spins and jumps.