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Learn to Skate Information

Welcome to AdventHealth Center Ice Learn to Skate USA

Welcome to AdventHealth Center Ice Learn to Skate program! We offer upbeat and interactive classes that provide the FUNdamentals for recreational or competitive figure skating and ice hockey. Our classes follow a structure that promotes solid skill development to progress through our pipeline programs to figure skating or hockey, and they follow the Learn to Skate USA nationally recognized program that is endorsed by US Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.


Skating is for everyone! Our program offers a curriculum with something for everyone, from the first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques, and from children to adults. We offer a dynamic system where skaters progress at their own rate and focus on solid skill development based on the ABCs of basic athleticism: Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. Upon completion of the program, skaters can confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.


We offer three main programs to help our skaters achieve their goals, Ic’s Snowballs, Ic’s Skate School and Ic’s Hockey Super Stars 101.  Our Ic’s Snowballs program provides a fun and energetic atmosphere for children 8 and under who are ready to learn the basic fundamentals of ice skating. Upon completion of Ic’s Snowballs, skaters can continue to progress into Ic’s Skate School if they wish to further their skating skills or transition into Ic’s Hockey Super Stars 101 if their goal is to play hockey. Ic’s Hockey Super Stars 101 is an introductory hockey program where skaters learn the basics of hockey skating skills and stick handling. After accomplishing all the required skills in 101 they can progress to Ic’s Hockey Super Stars 201, which will further their skills and lead them into the recreational hockey league. Our IC’s Skate School classes are for children 9 years and older to adults, or for younger skaters who have completed the IC’s Snowballs class. Ic’s Skate School offers structured instruction for skaters at the beginner to intermediate levels that incorporates warm-up and practice time to promote healthy athletic habits. In all of our programs the skater will progress through the levels at their own pace and will be evaluated on a continuous basis to keep them moving forward as fast and efficiently as possible. Upon the completion of Ic’s Skate School, skaters have concluded our Learn to Skate program and are ready to enter the Bridge program and the Champions Edge Skating Club.


Come join us and Skate to Great!

Day of Class Procedures:

  • It is recommended that skaters arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class
  • Go to 'Skate Rental' to be fitted for skates.  Assistants are available.
  • Proceed to the designated rink and use your provided ID card to check in for class.

Refund and Make Up Policy

  • No refunds after the series has started, unless injury with a doctors note.
  • Make Up classes are available on any day that classes are offered within the current series dates. Prior arrangements are not required, please just come to your appropriate class at your convenience.

What Equipment is Needed

  • Ic’s Snowballs requires skaters to wear a helmet and pants. Gloves and warm comfortable cloths are recommended.
  • Ic’s Skate School requires pants and recommends gloves and warm comfortable clothing.
  • Ic’s Hockey Super Stars 101 are required to wear a hockey helmet with cage, hockey skates, shin pads,  hock gloves and hockey stick.


**NOTE: AdventHealth Center Ice DOES NOT provide or rent helmets, jackets, gloves, or socks.**